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Flavours of Karnataka @Kava, Fairfield by Marriott, Rajajinagar

Kava @ Fairfield by Marriott, Rajajinagar is hosting a unique food festival showcasing the best of traditional cuisine from Karnataka till September 3rd every evening for dinner. I was called for the special tasting with fellow food enthusiasts to attend the preview. As I walked towards the venue, I was awestruck to notice the entire map of Karnataka laid out in a Rangoli with special ingredients characteristic of each district. This was an amazing concept and so unique in its appeal that immediately generates curiosity about what is to follow.

The elaborate Buffet was spread out across the left section of the restaurant with various signature dishes from Karnataka ranging from Tamarind Rice, Beans Palaya and Belakai Palaya to the Non vegetarian Mamasa Saru and the Mangalore Fish Curry to name a few. There were separate live stations serving Mysore Bonda and Neer Dosa along with a live Coffee and Snack station.

We were quite a mixed bunch, and all of us are familiar with Karnataka cuisine. So like a true foodie, we proceeded towards the Snack Station first and started nibbling on to the Butter Murukku and Kerala Banana Chips, perhaps the most popular Casse Croute in South India. I also did not stop myself from munching on some Ragi Mixture, Tapioca Chips and Jackfruit Chips.

We were seated at a long table and served food up the traditional way on a Banana leaf. Food is best enjoyed when eaten with hands and Karnataka upholds that tradition. We enjoyed the progressive course of Beans Palaya, Belakaia Palaya, Soppu Tovve, Rasam, Tamarind Rice and Poori. The Mamsa Saaru or Chicken Curry was served once the vegetarian dishes were completed. I ordered for some Mysore Bonda with Chutney.

The Desserts comprised of the famous Mysore Paak and the Kesari Bhaat. The lively and the cheerful atmosphere in the amazing company of Siddharth Verma, Marketing-Marriott Whitefield and Rajajinagar and Nandini Nair, Sales Head of Fairfield Marriott. The best surprise was saved for the last when we were served Hot South Indian Coffee from a live station made the authentic way. This was the first time that I had traditional Karnataka cuisine at a luxury property. The taste and flavor of each dish was unique and authentic. A very memorable experience indeed!

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