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Liber, Latest Hotspot in 12th Main Indiranagar

The name Liber originates from Liberation, and is the vital essence behind this latest hotspot that 12th Main, Indiranagar has to offer. Spread lavishly across 3 floors, Liber boasts of one of the best interiors that I have witnessed. The rooftop is where the DJ console is. The 3rd floor is the Fine Dining section whereas the 2nd floor hosts the Lounge bar. The quaint posters on its walls reminisce an era gone by and the music is primarily Retro on a regular weekday. I have already heard very good reviews about this venue, and hence decided to check it out at the earliest.

Liber is the mastermind of Siraj Mukherjee, who brings forth his extensive experience with the Park Group of hotels and has been a well-known stalwart in the hospitality sector. As is settled in for my review, Chef Shivam explained to me the drinks and the dishes I was about to try.

I started with a tall glass of the 12th Main Iced Tea which is An extension of the popular Long Island Iced Tea with Jack Daniels and Malibu added to it. The drink was just the way I like mine-strong and ethereal. I was quite content with its presentation and taste. The Demerara with the slight hint of Lime rendered the sweet and sour taste. I started with a plate of Water Chestnuts in Plum Chilli Sauce and Scallions and some delectable Rajamah Ki Gilawati Kabab. The crunchiness of the Water Chestnut and the tanginess of the Plum Chilli Sauce complimented the earthy flavours of the Gilawati which was by far the best I ever tasted. Chicken Wings in Peri Peri Sauce and Pandi Dry Fry were served up next. The Pork was cooked in a Ghee Roast style quite similar to that of a Mangalorean dish.

I started my Mains with the Hoisin Chicken Pizza which was the star dish for the evening. Chef Shivam explained to me the choice of Hoisin Sauce over others which is primarily an acquired taste. The pizza crust was crispy and super-thin. The quality of the base was exceptional and the Pizza stood out from others tasted recently. The House Burger with Pulled Pork was up next and I was blown away by the presentation. Pinkish red in colour, this house favourite boasts of succulent Pork and glazed Onions served with Fries and Mustard Mayo. In the Asian section, I tried the Pan-Fried Noodles with Chicken and were soft and crispy.

The Dessert section is the most innovative and so I decided to go with the Hot Langcha, a Bengali favourite with Pineapple Rabri. The combination of these 2 popular dishes is a masterpiece. Chef has saved the best for last in the form of The Liber Junction 12th Main 100 Ft Road Mess. This unique messy looking dessert is a combination of cookies, ice cream amd thick shake along with Chocolate Syrup and Bars. This is representational of the traffic mess that the junction of 12th Main and Indiranagar 100 Feet Road is known for every morning through late evening. This is an absolute foodie’s favourite and is undoubtedly a big hit.

As I left the venue almost half an hour past closing time, I was happy that something classic with a new twist has adorned this road and would form my regular hangout in the coming months. Liber is undoubtedly the next best thing Indiranagar has to offer.

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