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Lights Out-Review

You were supposed to be scared of the dark....That's what the punchline reads. And yes, you better be! Because if you do not dirty Diana is going to switch off your lights anyway.

From the director of The Conjuring, comes another horror story exploring the realms of the human mind bordering Disturbia. Being inmates of the same mental institution, the secluded Diana with a rare skin condition of photosensitivity made friends with Sophie. Her accidental electrocution haunts Sofie and she surfaces through her in the present, years after her death. All she wants is company and someone to be there for. And to achieve that she is ready to eradicate everyone near and dear-including Sophie’s husband and children.

This film deals with issues of the postmodern society where establishing a real connection gets tougher every passing day. As we go through our lives of self-detachment and imposed isolation, one yearns the slightest ray of hope and human affection. A good viewpoint and a noble perspective expressed through the supernatural world. A film definitely not meant for the weak hearted, but one that makes you think about how lonely we really are!! Believable acting and decent special effects make this film a success. Do not expect a hit like The Insidious or even The Conjuring. But this one would surely make its mark in the world of independent socially relevant horror flicks.

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