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La Cucina Italiana @ The Market, Ritz Carlton

The Market at the Ritz Carlton has been host to many a eclectic food festival showcasing specials in their enormous Buffet spread. I was invited to La Cucina Italiana held from June 13th through 19th curated by Chef Alfonso Crescenzo from the Ritz Carlton, Dubai. Apart from the usual culinary grandeur of one of the largest buffet spreads in town, the special evening paid tribute to traditional Italian Cuisine.

Guest Chef Alfonso Crescenzo grew up in the province of Naples, Italy. He has travelled around the various corners of the European Union picking up taste and learning of all the techniques, styles and ingredients therein. He infuses his fine techniques to prepare contemporary and new-age cuisine. Having worked with the Michelin Chefs in Italy and beyond, he brings his culinary expertise to the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore as part of this unique festival. Chef Alfonso Crescenzo has been with Ritz Carlton, Dubai for a few years and is a pioneer at his creation. His charming personality is the secret ingredient to every dish curated by him.

We started with a Tuna in Egg Sauce which was divine to say the least. The combination of the Egg Sauce with the crunchiness of the Tuna formed the perfect Antipasti for the evening. I paired it with a generous serving of the charcuterie from the Buffet spread with some Salad in Balsamic dressing.

The Primi or the Main Course comprised of a Zucchini and Prawn Risotto which was yet another masterpiece from the chef’s personal favourite. The Prawns were tender and the Risotto cooked to perfection. The sauce was just the right blend to compliment the myriad flavours of the dish.

The Secondi was by far the best Lamb Chops ever tasted. Marinated in Rosemary and Garlic and served with baby potatoes in a Mushroom sauce infused with Eggs & Nuts Mayonnaise and Black Olive Paste, they simply melt in the mouth. The meat was tender and cooked just right to satisfy the palate of a true foodie.

The best was saved for the last in the form of Delizia Bianca, a combination of all white desserts in the form of a Yoghurt Sponge Cake, White Chocolate Mousse and yoghurt Ice Cream. It was an absolute orgasmic treat to the senses.

The Buffet Spread has a separate section which highlights the chef’s creations especially handmade Tagliatelle pasta. Apart from Italian cuisine, it comprises of the usual Pan Asian, Indian, Japanese and an elaborate dessert section. The menu was available for Lunch and Dinner and for Sunday Brunch on June 19th.

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