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Kashmiri Wazwan Pakwan @ Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill requires no introduction when it comes to culinary extraordinaire. So, when I was invited to the ongoing Kashmiri Wazwan Festival curated by Suresh Hinduja and Basheer Waza from Srinagar, I knew only the best was on offer.

We started with the Chicken Sheekh Kebab which was cooked in Malai and the meat so tender and succulent, simply melts in your mouth. This was by far the best Sheekh Kebab ever tasted anywhere. The Tabak Maaz which is deep fried Lamb Chops to render the meat crispy and soft is a traditional Kashmiri delicacy served up next and cooked to perfection. The Paneer Tikka was unique in taste and was cooked in a variety of traditional Kashmiri spices including cumin.

Perhaps the most sought after dish in Kashmir is the Gusthaba- dumplings of tender minced lamb cooked in a yogurt gravy with a dash of lemon. This dish stood out owing to its unconventional taste and aroma. A sure winner from the entire Menu.

Lamb is the meat of choice in Kashmir and was featured in many a dish. A much spicier and tangier version of Gusthaba called the Rishta was something that caught my eye and its resemblance to a Xacuti curry intrigued me. It was definitely not meant for everyone, but only a select few food aficionados. The Aab Murgh cooked in milk was the next attraction and I relished it with some Zafraani Pulao.

Amongst the Vegetarian dishes, I can never get enough of the Dum Kashmiri Aloo which is Dum aloo stuffed with spices and condiments in a thick tomato gravy. I paired it with some Pulao to make the most of it. The Paneer Kashmiri was also worthy of mention and formed a staple for vegetarian lovers.

For dessert I had the Apple Phirni in a shot glass. This was the ultimate decadence and I indulged in a couple of servings to say the least.

The festival ran June 2 through 5th and was priced at Rs.1200 All Inclusive. The management intends to bring back the delicacies soon keeping in mind the popularity of the event. My personal thanks to Sajal for the invitation.

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