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Kopper Kadai...A Desi Decadence

When I was called for the launch of Kopper Kadai, Celebrity Chef Akshay Nayyar’s own Restaurant right here in the heart of Bangalore, I was elated. But I had to miss the event due to my schedule and decided to revisit for a super-exclusive tasting the following week. I am aware of Akshay’s work primarily on Television as I have never been to Dubai to experience his dishes first hand. But this provided me with the opportunity to sit up, close and personal with the chef himself and witness the master at his creative best.

The plush interiors and its subtle yet classy statement-making decors stand out from the other establishments in this neighbourhood and immediately catches one’s attention. The embodiment of the details and its super-chic yet earthy accessories light up the place in its own natural hue adding to the originality that is Akshay in flesh and bone. Every accessory, crockery, cutlery and tableware is embossed with the KK logo and bears the trademark of his unique and creative imagination. By the by, there is a separate section of seven different signature dishes from Kopper Kadai for easy and quick service for the super-hungry. For others, this is either way a Quick Service Restaurant.

I was joined by Akshay and the two other partners who run this restaurant together-Ashraf and Mohammed Shafeeq. I was served the Kiwi Panna to start with as a refresher followed by the traditional Papad Stand. This unique stand is designed by the chef himself and Papad forms the right appetiser before you start your journey into the land of gourmet delicacies with authentic Indian flavours. The mini shots of Lassi in 6 different varieties was up next with the Berry Lassi winning the race bearing its bittersweet decadence.

Among the appetisers, the Tandoori Mushrooms were served up first which melted in my mouth. The Ganna Chicken which are Chicken Minced Sheeks embodied on a stick of Ganna or Sugarcane. It provides you with the option to bite on the sugarcane or just use it as skewering stick. If eaten, it will enhance the taste of the chicken with its sweetness and the combination of their flavours is something to cherish. The Mutton Hathodi Parchhey is again another Chef’s Special which is served in a hammer-shaped serving dish and is unlike anything you have ever seen, tasted or even dreamt of. This is the Goth among the menu standing out because of its sheer presentation. Oh and did I forget to mention its succulence is something that only an authentic Rajasthani Laal Maans is capable to deliver? Served next was another Chicken Kebab named Kebab Number 4, a KK Special and is not available anywhere else in this planet.

The Mains were not only illustrious and vibrantly presented, but also bore earthy names and made a foodie like me achieve multiple foodgasms in succession. The Warqi Dal which is an enhanced version of the Kashmiri Dal Bukhara makes one crave to order one more portion. Its flavours so distinct, that the memory of its taste stays until your next visit to the restaurant. The Cooker Mein Kukkad is a home recipe of Chicken cooked in a pressure cooker and served up-front on the table retaining its aroma that meat cooked in cooker is known for. The Gustaba Rista which are Lamb Meatballs in a traditional Kashmiri gravy were up next and is perfect accompaniment with some flat bread like Nan or a Butter Roti. The Jheega E Turramkhan are tender prawns cooked in a creamy gravy that I personally preferred to relish with Steamed Rice. I had to watch a flick and had to cut short the dessert off my list as I was not only late, but also extremely super-stuffed. The food was unlike anything I have ever tasted-rich and creative in its execution and trend-setting and flamboyant in its presentation. This outlet has not only raised the bar by a few notches but is also sure to make Chef Akshay a household name in Bangalore very soon, if he is not one already. A true connoisseur’s’ pick for a perfect chic aspect-dining experience.

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