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38 Castle Street, A Mediterranean Canto...

I live in one of the most upbeat and sought after neighbourhoods Bengaluru has to offer. But little did I know that I was living next to this amazing restaurant designed quaintly like a Mediterranean Bistro going by the name of 38 Castle Street.

38 Castle Street is the brainchild of Ryan Pradeep and Nikhil Hegde, who are not new to the Food and Beverage industry. But this new venture of theirs border around European food with contemporary chic ambience. The Turquoise and White combination of its décor reminds you of a bistro tucked away somewhere in the Mediterranean coast where one goes to unwind and de-stress. The food is authentic and its taste and flavour exceeds expectations widely. The service is prompt and the Menu spreads across a wide variety of European food with a blend of ethnic feel to it. The taste yet so unique and the ambience of the interior so serene, one forgets for a while they are sitting in the CBD of Bangalore with the usual traffic disaster right outside the door.

I started my culinary voyage with a simple plate of Broccoli Monzana Enselada which is available in Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian (Chicken Ham) options. The apple cubes were fresh and the dressing blended perfect with the Chicken Ham that stood out in its entirety. I was quite happy to pair it with a glass of Sea Blue mocktail.

I am a sucker for good and fresh cheese. So it is quite expected of me to try the Cream Cheese Bombs as the Vegetarian counterpart and the Mint Mayo served along complimented the dish well. I finally wrapped up my Appetiser indulgence with a generous plate of Turkish Kofti, again available in Lamb and Beef options. However, knowing the carnivore I am, it is not difficult to figure out that I stuck to my beef. And boy oh boy, were they good! I was achieving food orgasm, but let me tell you the best was yet to come.

I believe that it is important to try exotic and exclusive dishes in order to ascertain the true worth of a restaurant. As a result, I decided to go with the Salmon Steak which is quite a rare dish to find in eateries around for my Main Course. I was moaning inside out of sheer joy from the moment I dug into the first bite of the succulent Salmon till the time I managed to clear the plate. The accompanying mash and the veggies with a hint of Horseradish somewhere in the mix made me appreciate the coastal flavours Mediterranean food is known for. I however ordered for some pepper sauce just in case to feel safe and close to home. It went well with the mash and the Salmon was steered clear of any sauce as it was cooked to perfection. I do intend to go back soon and try the Greek Moussaka which caught my eye, again available in Vegetarian and Beef options. It is anybody’s guess which one I would order though.

I was in two minds about Dessert, and that is when Ryan, one of the partners suggested I go for Mama’s Tres Leches which is a home recipe of a Butter Cake soaked in 3 varieties of Milk from Mexico. This was the icing on my cake and I was the happiest man on earth after I finished my meal. I took some time to venture into the top floors and check out the interiors therein before saying goodbye to the partners-Ryan and Nikhil. Ryan took special care of me and accompanied me in my culinary exploration and made sure I was attended to. It was a Saturday Afternoon well spent in the company of a good friend and outstanding food to go with. Mama got her weekend sorted.

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