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Delhi Haat Delights Bento Box @ Riwaz, The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore.

When you think of Riwaz at the Ritz Carlton, what come to your mind is delectable Indian cuisine amidst plush interiors and individual attention of their apt service staff. But when Chef De Cuisine, Altamash Iqbal asked me to cover their new Bento Box during one of my visits to the Restaurant Week India’s on-going Dine-fest event, I was really thrilled to find out what was in store for me.

Riwaz has started the Bento Box for a couple of months now, and I must say it has been creating some waves in the market being the only Indian Fine Dining Restaurant to offer one. Every month they have a new theme, and this time around it is the Delhi Haat delicacies that come alive right in the heart of Bangalore recreated by Chef Altamash at its authentic best.

The Delhi Haat delicacies refer to the scrumptious street food available around the nook and corner of Delhi especially in Chandni Chowk and its adjoining areas referred to as Delhi 6 in popular media.

I started my gastronomic journey with a glass of pure Kesari Lassi reminiscent of the staple drink from this area. Chef Altamash served the Bento Box himself and explained each and every dish to me in utmost detail. It consists of 3 Vegetarian and 2 Non Vegetarian dishes for Non-Vegetarians whereas the Vegetarian Bento has all 5 dishes vegetarian.

The Vegetarian dishes include a generous portion of Dahi Pakoda Chaat, Veg Pulao and Paneer and Chhole Chaat with some Onion Salad to go with. The Non Vegetarian section includes the Cold Chicken Tikka Salad, a true speciality from Chef Altamash and an outstanding Mutton Sheekh Masala. A serving of Indian breads also comes along with the Bento on the side and I went with the Paneer Kulcha to satiate myself. The Chicken Tikka Cold Salad reminds me of the salads I used to toss myself back in college days whenever I was hungry. The presence of Indian spices and condiments makes you feel at home instantly. The Dish of the Day was undeniably the Mutton Sheekh Kebab Masala with its unique and earthy tastes reminding one of the essence and flavours Delhi is famous for. It aroma and strong taste owes it to generous use of the Garam Masala, Fenugreek, Coriander and other Indian spices. This dish can be enjoyed with Pulao or Indian breads, although I prefer relishing it with Pulao.

Which Indian meal is complete without a dessert? Chef Altamash has saved the best for last in the form of Malpua with Raabri served separately after the Mains. The Malpua simply melted in my mouth and being a Bengali Raabri has always been my personal favourite over the years. The dishes are crafted with unique perfection and their presentation so unique that this Bento box is sure to win your heart. Available only for Lunch all days of the week at INR 1500 All Inclusive, the Delhi Haat Delights Bento Box can be ordered from May 1st 2016 only at Riwaz, The Carlton Bangalore.

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