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Nuts about Nutty Squirrel

So I happened to visit the H&M store at the VR Bengaluru, a day before its official opening. I saw the placard of this amazing Ice Cream Sandwich store at the ground level and needless to mention, it saved me from the excruciating heat that Bangalore is experiencing these days.

The store is the first of its kind in India currently operating out of the VR Bengaluru mall, is run by Aishwarya. The ice creams here are homemade and adhere to strict quality standards at par with any other International chain of vendors. They specialize in the Ice cream Sandwich which is getting increasingly popular with the young and the old. Who would mind a generous scoop of Ice cream sandwiched between two layers of cookies or crunchy tacos served up fresh?

There are over 13 varieties of ice cream flavors and 4 bases to choose from. My personal favorite is the Dark Chocolate scoop in a Fudge base and boy it was something!! This amazing piece of delicacy simply melted in my mouth and left me craving for more. I tried a few others like the Banana and the Caramel, each unique in flavor and taste. The Ice Cream sandwiches start from Rs.125 for a regular size and Rs.75 for a tasting portion. They also serve Milk Shakes made directly out of the available flavors which are simply a foodie's delight to say the least. Aishwarya, the owner of the store explained in detail the theory behind the inception of the Ice Cream Sandwich and paid personal attention to make sure I was well taken care of. I had Ice cream sandwiches for lunch and it was a very satisfying afternoon indeed!! So, the next time you are at VR Bengaluru, give H&M and its mediocre clothes a miss and walk straight over to Nutty Squirrel located at the Ground Level. You will cherish your memory of this delectable piece of heaven, right here on Mahadevapura Main Road adjacent to Phoenix market city.

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