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Weeknights Dinner Buffet Spread (Super Exclusive A-List Review) @ Sanctum, Residency Road.

Home is where the heart is. Whoever said this in medieval English literature was being subjective. All of us follow various paths to our own bliss. For me, it’s the company of good friends, a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere and most importantly food so good, it never is enough. Sanctum Club located at the Chancery Pavilion Corporate Block building has been my home away from home for 3 years now. They started as an exclusive member’s only club, but recently opened their doors to all. Known for its classy and uber-chic interiors and host to the best visiting artistes from around the world, Sanctum has seen it all. If I go out a 100 days a year on an average, I would have been here 85+ days at least. Such is my frequency of visit and liking for this venue. So when they announced the Dinner Buffet Monday through Thursday, it was imperative I needed to pay a visit.

The plush interiors with its southern Mediterranean feel makes one wonder the cuisine primarily served here. Not only do they excel in the best Italian and Mediterranean food, they also specialize in authentic North Indian delicacies ranging from a simple yet difficult to perfect Dal Makhani to the popular Chicken Tikka Masala. The spread is North Indian and comes with a complimentary glass of Wine, Beer or a Mocktail. The quality when compared with the price is not only a steal, but is also the best that that Central Business District of Bangalore has to offer. The setup of the menu is as follows:

  • Soup of the Day

  • 5 types of Salads (Vegetarian)

  • 5 Starters served on the table( Including Vegetarian and Non vegetarian options)

  • 9 Main Courses (Including Vegetarian and Non vegetarian options)

  • Bread Basket (Indian Flat Breads)

  • 5 Accompaniments

  • Mocktail/ Glass of Wine/ Beer

I was served the Malai Tikka and the Chilli Chicken as my Appetizers right on my table. Their vegetarian counterparts comprised of Fried Spicy Babycorn with Mixed Peppers and Paneer Tikka. The meat was so tender and the Paneer so succulent that it melts in your mouth. An accompanying glass of Chardonnay made my dining experience elegant and top-notch gourmet. Now before I proceed, one has to remember that Sanctum is known for Gourmet European mostly. But their North Indian dishes are unmatched in its taste and authenticity. The very essence of this Lounge bar cum Gourmet destination is food from the soul made to comfort you senses. There is also a Live Pasta Counter with choices between Red and White Sauce.

The Mains started with a generous serving of Zeera and Peas Pulav along with the ever popular Dal Makhani. Now Dal Makhani is probably the most abused dish in South India as it exists in many derivatives of its original. I know its authentic taste, and Sanctum sure does the best Dal Makhani true to its core in Bangalore. The Paneer Tikka Masala and the Mixed Vegetable Curry added to its north Indian roots. The Non Vegetarian Main Courses started with Chicken Makhani and the delectable Mutton Rogan josh. The Fish in Pepper Sauce served as the right neutralizer between the medium-spicy Chicken and the authentic Rajasthani thick gravy of boneless Mutton. The Chicken Biryani with the ever popular Raita is the ultimate comfort food one needs after a long hard day’s work. Every dish is cooked with perfection and exceeds expectations with respect to taste, authenticity and presentation.

I was stuffed and was able to only try the Black and White Chocolate, a dish invented right here in the Sanctum kitchen and a Kiwi Mousse. There was also a Blueberry soufflé and Moong Dal Halwa which I had to pass to avoid a belt-loosening condition. I was that stuffed. The hospitality of close friends and the friendly staff in Sanctum headed by Ram, Natesan and Ravi made sure that I was looked after and taken care of. The evening rounded up with the birthday celebration of one of their staff members with a unique dark chocolate cake in his honour. A delightful and extremely satisfying evening indeed. But then again, Sanctum has always lived up to its reputation-Elegant, Exclusive and Ethereal. My heartiest congratulations to Baba Chandok, my good friend and his creative team for keeping up the brilliant work!! Bravo and last but not the least, the Dinner Buffet is only priced at INR 555/- inclusive of all applicable taxes. It does not get any better than this!

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