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Truefitt and Hill, the Gentlemen's Barber Shop from St. James, The Launch Event..... The Royal P

When Truefitt and Hill open their first store in Bangalore, it was quite obvious that mama needed to pay a visit. I have always wondered during my brief stay in the UK what was so special about this gentleman's barber shop from St. James that made it so famous that the likes of Winston Churchill used to avail their services. I figured out by the sheer display and presentation of their earthy yet sophisticated products and the upmarket décor of the store what attracts the gentlemen here. Well, I am switching over as soon as they open their second retail outlet at Lavelle Road in a couple of months. The special Royal Members rooms and the amazing service of the staff always ready to greet you with a smile added to the elegance of the evening. I was pampered with a delectable pass around of Garlic Butter Prawns, Chilli Chicken and Mushroom balls along with flowing Rose Brut from Le Maison de Chandon. In the company of lovely friends and in true British heritage, I had a gala time chatting up and met some amazing new people as well. The goody bag was the icing on the cake and is just the beginning of a long standing relationship I intend to build with this truly elegant and upper class classic Barber Shop that has always been in my bucket list.

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