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Bangalore's latest obcession ...Red Carpet Ready Snake Venom Facial @ LeJe'une Medspa, Lavel

Snake Venom made famous as a red carpet facial in Hollywood is a medi-facial done in various cosmetology clinics across the world and is the latest buzz.

Many might want to question, how is snake venom extracted or is it really used on our skin?

Well, the answer is Yes and No. No we do not believe in torturing snakes to provide you with a firmer skin tone. And Yes, we are actually using a combination of peptides mimicking one of them found in Viper venom. It’s a synthetic snake serum found magically effective in reducing wrinkles. And so It’s no miracle that stars like Kylie Minogue, Danii Minogue and Gwyneth Pawltrow indulge in this very therapy regularly and use the serum for its anti-ageing benefits!!!

Not only is it used for its anti-aging effects, but the facial amazingly refreshes and brightens skin tone, lifting tan and gives a luminous glow. if used regularly as home care, has Botox-like action helping to reduce lines and wrinkles.

And now it's time for some jargons...The synthetically made tripeptide combination mimics Waglerin peptide found in the Viper’s snake venom. Since it’s only applied as a cream on the surface of the skin, its effectiveness cannot be compared to Botox. However, people who are wary of Botox or do not want it, snake venom facial is a good alternative as it's more natural and non-invasive. Snake venom facial is a medical rejuvenation treatment, yet it doesn’t cause redness and peeling like some others do.

The procedure involves deep cleansing of skin followed by exfoliation with a scrub, and then application of a mild peel. This is then followed by a good facial massage with 2 different creams. Then snake serum is applied and then a mask which helps to plump skin and moisturize. Electroporation is done at last and this step which helps to enhance penetration of all serums and creams deep into the skin. The mask is removed and sunscreen is applied as a final step.

This ultra-luxurious pampering treatment takes between 45 mins to 1 hour. The results can be seen immediately after. Regular home care with the use of this serum for about a month shows significant softening and anti-ageing effects.

The facial can be done as often as one would like. Once every fortnight or month is good. This pampering session comes to you at Rs.5000 only at Le Je'une Medspa, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.

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