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Road to Baluchistan

Road to Baluchistan as the name suggests focussed on North West Frontier cuisine with a touch of ethnic note to it. The specially curated event for some of us lucky few was coordinated by Sandhya from the Lalit Ashok group of hotels as well as attended by Bhaskar, the General Manager of the hotel. This culinary decadence not only showcased the best of the five Baluchi restaurants across five locations of Lalit , India but also had the chefs flown in from respective cities to specially prepare a meal for us.

Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Jaipur each boasts of a Baluchi and their respective chefs cooked up their very own specials for us. The soiree started with the quintessential Champagne from GH Mum which paved the way to the bliss that was to follow. The wines were paired thoughtfully and I decided to stick to my Sangiovese, Merlot and Sauvignon just to indulge in the mood of an honest foodie.

The amuse bouche appeared in the form of Subz Gular Kebab which is primarily country figs in a patty format. Special mention for the plating which added to the ethereal beauty of the simple yet elegant and witty dish. The kebab platter comprised of a delicate and soft Chicken with saffron and ginger along with a Lobster tikka and a Grilled Prawn Kebab. The combination was not only exotic but also extremely unique in its appearance and flavor.

The Nannery which is a unique pairing of Indian breads with wine followed. The platter comprised of four varieties of breads Gilafi Kulcha, Fenni Paratha, Besan ki Roti and the evergreen Bakharkhani. The Fenni Paratha contains aromatic dry fruits like pistachio and almonds within the dough, and is an absolute delicacy. The Chenin Blanc was paired with this. The Mushroom Tikka was so delicious that it tasted like Mutton kebab.

The Main Course started with the absolutely Shahi Murgh Alamgir and the King of Rajasthani Cuisine, the Lal Maas. The Bhendi Singada which is stir fried okra with water chestnut gave us a taste of the vegetarian version of the menu as well. The signature Paan Biryani with its subtle and slightly pungent betel nut leaf taste made is craving for more. The dessert platter included a very original Gulab Ki Kheer along with Malai Kulfi and Gulag Jamun. They all included some part of Rose in their dishes and were unique in their own way. A Saturday well spent for sure.

Baluchi@the Lalit Ashok

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