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Blogger's Table, The Big Pitcher, 2/28/2016

The Blogger's Table courtesy FBAB held at Split wood, level 2 of the Big Pitcher was an absolute foodie's delight. Organised by the one and only Bibhuti Bhusan Panigrahy otherwise known as Chef BB made us feel extra special with his attention to detail and exquisite perfection when it comes to tasting. We were lucky to taste the menu in its entirety.

It comprised of lip smacking appetizers like Chicken Nachos, Dirty Fries, Tampiquena Beef, Mexican Chilly Lamb, Szechwan Chilly Prawns and an absolutely unforgettable Wok Honey Glazed Pork. The dishes were cooked to perfection and served over to the table before being captured in lens by the team of imminent bloggers.The vegetarian section consisted of a generous variety of Mex &Pan, Mushroom Relinos, Crunchy Tofu Fingers and Won Tossed Green Vegetables. The salads followed in the versions of the traditional Caesar and an exquisite Prawn Islander. The delicious Tom Kha soup and the delectable Khazana Tandoori Chicken Pizza followed shortly. The pazo pazo was the vegetarian equivalent with its generous green toppings and mozzarella. Did I forget the oh so tasty Viva Mexicana Cheese Burger? The Chicken and Vegetarian Burgers followed but I was biased towards my beef and ended up eating almost an entire burger myself. The pasta was next in queue with some special spaghetti cooked in meat sauce and very aptly titled Victoria's Secret. The mains rounded in with a delicious Thai Red and Green Curry and my personal favorite Nasi Goring. We moved over to the Dessert menu with a generous serving of Creme Brulee, Trio Chocolate Mousse and A Flaming Gulab Jamison.

Finally, the sizzling brownie concluded our gastronomical affair this pleasant Sunday afternoon. We were given a special walk-through of the microbrewery by the Brewery Specialist with the hotel and was educational in nature. A very satisfying Sunday and cheers to Chef Bb and FBAB for this wonderful opportunity.

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