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Delhi Dining Day 1: Indian Accent, The name says it all

Indian Accent needs no introduction. Tucked away from the busy streets of New Delhi, at a serene location inside the Friend’s Colony stands the epitome of contemporary Indian Cuisine. Located at the ground floor of the Manor hotel, this unique boutique restaurant has not only won numerous awards in hospitality, but is often considered to be the best in its category Pan India. Showcasing the best of Indian cuisine, Indian Accent amalgamates global ingredients and innovative techniques under the apt leadership of Celebrity Chef Manish Mehrotra, Corporate chef –Luxury Dining for Old World Hospitality.

As I walked inside with my friend, I was greeted by Chef Manish and forwarded to our allocated table. The restaurant was buzzing with activity and its upscale vibes complimented the minimalistic décor of its interiors. As we sat down to taste the Chef’s Special Menu, we decided to pair our meal with some Reserve Shiraz and Riesling.

Our experience d’ extraordinaire started with a palette cleanser in the form of Ravioli stuffed with Blue Cheese which set us on a high that was to commence.

The first course commenced with the Burrata Papdi Chat served with a distinct Tomato Chutney and Shorba which stood out from any variety ever tasted. I am revisiting very soon only to taste the Shorba one more time.

Duck Khurchan Cornetto, inspired by the famous Cornetto Ice Cream was up next. Served with Herb Yoghurt and a medium tangy Chilli Chutney, this unique slice from heaven is something to drool over. The meat simply melts in your mouth and has to be consumed almost immediately to enjoy its crunchiness to the fullest.

The next course was another one of chef’s unique creation-Tandoori Bacon Prawns served with a generous portion of Wasabi Malai. The divinity of this dish is beyond words and I would not even try and make an attempt. Mama Mia!

What appeared next, blew us away. Not by its presentation alone, the Meetha Achar Spare Ribs served with Sun-Dried Mango and Toasted Kalonji Seeds were by far the best cooked ribs ever. The meat simply separated from the bone at one effort of the knife and is a first time for me. The tender meat with its sweet and sour garnishing is not only a bold attempt, but also an extremely successful one in adding a unique touch to the otherwise traditional ribs.

The Soft Shelled Deep Fried Crab was up next served with Flame Roast Coconut and Tomato Pickle Chutney. This was followed by the Goat Cheese Khandvi, Masala Foxnut, Fresh Figs and Tamarind Glaze. This unique vegetarian dish was something to look forward to and is undoubtedly the Dish of the Day. Its unique pungent taste infused with the sourness of the Tamarind is a masterpiece in its own.

The Ghee Roast Mutton Boti served with Roomali Roti Pancake and Chutney was served up next to pave the path for the Mains to follow.

The Kulfi Sorbet served in a miniature pressure Cooker was the palette cleanser before the Main Course commenced. We were served Chettinad Chicken Keema and Sago Puffs along with some Stuffed Tandoori Paneer and Stuffed Indian Accent Kulchas with Mushroom and Bacon. The black Dairy Dal was the ultimate staple and formed the right accompaniment.

As part of the desserts, we were served Daulat Ki Chaat, Fresh Tandoori Figs, Warm Doda Barfi Treacle Tart and Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. They were by far the most elaborate and breath-taking desserts ever tasted by me. The satisfaction at the end of this almost fifteen course meal was indescribable. I was left with this unique feeling of gratitude for being able to experience this opportunity. I have eaten at many a fabulous venue, but Indian Accent stands out amongst all of them without a doubt. Next time in Delhi, I am heading here to experience this all over again.

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