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Biryaneez Biryani Noodles-Ready in 2 Minutes

The concept of Instant Noodles dates back to the mid-eighties when the country was swiped over by its arrival to the Indian market. Since then, it has solved all of our food cravings instantly.

Biryani on the other hand has garnered a niche for the past century or so and is available in various flavours and cooking styles across different parts of India. Chicken Biryani is the most popular among all in the Biryani genre and has hence achieved cult status amongst food lovers of all ages. When two popular meals –Instant Noodles and Biryani meet, the end product requires no introduction and needless to say is ready to sweep the nation by storm.

Inbisco, under the brand name Biryaneez has launched Biryani Noodles and I am quite impressed by the flavour and aroma of their Chicken Biryani version. Fourteen authentic spices which go into the actual Chicken Biryani recipe has been used to master and perfect the aroma of this unique offering and the result is a sure winner.

The packaging is brown with a specification of the product being Non Vegetarian and marked with a red dot at the lower left hand corner of this 66g packet. The ingredients are pretty simple and like regular instant noodles require around 2 minutes to prepare. You can choose to prepare a soupy style or a dry Hakka version with varying water content as per liking.

Garnishing Procedure:

  • Like regular Instant noodles, separate the noodle cake from the pack of tastemaker inside the packet.

  • Boil 225 ml of water on the pan and add the noodles to the water.

  • Stir it for almost half amnute and as the noodle takes its texture, add the Chicken Biryani flavoured tastemaker to it. The authentic aroma of Biryani is sure to mesmerise you as you stir ad mix the ingredients together.

  • If you prefer the soupy style, then you can cook the noodles for about 20 seconds more and pour them out with the water in the pan. I would prefer a Hakka style and thus cooked it for about a minute more till the entire water was absorbed by the noodles enriching the flavour and aroma of the dish.

  • You can add chopped vegetables along with the tastemaker while mixing it with the noodles to add more zest to the dish. My choice was however a little bit more colonial and decided to garnish my plate of Hakka style Biryani Noodles with some dry fruits including Cashews, Almond, Walnut and Pistachio. I wanted the plating to be perfect and thought that the end product looked too royal to be consumed, but then again it is biryani I am eating and just not another instant noodles.

For a more detailed video of the cooking procedure for a soupy style of the same dish, click the following link on my YouTube channel:

Biryaneez Biryani Noodles can be enjoyed as a quick snack in the early evening or even for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Available in single and packs of 3, they can be used to satisfy large hunger cravings as well. The noodles taste and smell exactly like Chicken Biryani. This product has already been a bestseller in various food festivals around Southern India and is now ready to take the nation by storm. You can also add minced meat like Chicken Keema to make this dish even more authentic , although the Keema needs to be cooked before. I also have intentions to add some exotic vegetables like Broccoli and Pepper to render a more global taste to this desi favourite.

The pricing of their 66g packet is INR 11 and is at par with other variants of Instant Noodles available in the market. They are available at leading retail stores across the country. Biryaneez Biryani Noodle can also be ordered over Amazon India ( and from Big Basket ( online grocery store. They are available in Single packs(66g) and Family packs(264g) which are priced at INR 41 including applicable taxes. Inbisco has plans to introduce more flavours in the future including Mutton and even a Vegetarian version of the same Biryani Noodles. I would definitely want to see various styles of Biryani flavours depending on the regions of India like Lukhnowi Style, Hyderabadi style and even a Kolkata style of biryani with a chunk of potato someday.

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