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Hola! Campo Viejo...Bailamos

Campo Viejo, Spain’s leading wine has finally arrived and Bangalore welcomed them with open arms in the presence of few Influencers and their brand delegates last week. It was an enjoyable evening in the company of wine enthusiasts who had a first taste of their Rioja and Blanco at Boho, Koramangala along with delectable tapas and small plates.

Campo Viejo has been around for a while and is in the forerunner amongst Rioja wines in Spain for over two decades. Rioja is one of Spain’s most famous and sought after wine regions and has been better known for their Reds throughout the years. The region can be classified into three sections based upon the varying altitude rendering distinct notes and character unique to each other. There are various categories based upon the process of ageing –Joven, Reserva and Gran Reserva where wine is aged within oak barrels from anything between one to fifteen years for a full bodied variety.

It is not just the ageing that provides the desired texture and aroma to Campo Viejo wines. Their real secret lies in their variety of their grape-Tempranillo. With its complicated notes, this grape variety is synonymous with Red and Black fruit with underlying aromas of leather and tobacco. The Blanco counterpart is however quite light and is popular for daytime consumption as explained by their Brand Ambassador Ane Ortueta who kept the mood of the party jovile with her energy and enthusiasm.

The event started with an introduction to the brand from the company that has brought Campo Viejo to India-Pernod Ricard and their head of Marketing –Ankita Choudhary. After her introduction to Ane, the latter took over the stage with a brief introduction of the wine and the varieties which were up for tasting.

We started with the Campo Viejo Blanco- a mix of Viura and Tempranillo grapes which is a Joven or young wine bottled in 2016. This was accompanied by delectable appetisers served from the kitchen of Boho which paired well with its smooth and earthy notes. It was light on the palate and its delicate white floral aromas combined well with citrus notes to render a smooth and vibrant light bodied white ideal for daytime consumption. This can also double up as a party time favourite due to its light bodied texture and pairs well with Chicken and white meat like Fish or Seafood. We were served Crostini with Smoked Salmon which paired well with its playful taste.

It was however the Red-the better bodied Tempranillo 2015 which encompassed all my expectation with its smoky and sensual appeal. On the nose, it had an impact of a ripe red fruit followed by notes of Vanilla and myriad Spices, the likes of Cinnamon and Bergamot. On the palate, it was smooth and perfumed with sweet notes of fruits, Vanilla and even a hint of Cocoa for the quintessential wine connoisseur. I would prefer it to be served in the suggested temperature of 16-18 degrees with required temperature control. This is however a more serious wine suitable for sit down dinners and enjoyed over meaningful conversation with grills of your favourite red meat-the likes of Lamb and Beef. I was able to satiate myself with a generous serving of the Cheese platter which was laid out and thought a Danish Blu would probably pair perfect with its orthodox notes.

The party continued with fun and frolic from Ane and Ankita who hosted a Quiz program to keep the tempo of the evening. The quiz was centred on Spain and its culture. This was quite an eye opener for many with their knowledge of the country being limited to singers of South American origin. A promotional clip on their slogan “Live Uncorked” was splayed and viewers were asked to identify the shoot location. Needless to mention, it was beyond anyone’s guess and the correct answer turned out to be the capital city of Madrid although Barcelona was a popular answer from most.

The quiz session gave away to a funnier and an entertaining blindfold act where the main participant was to seek the Cheese, Pineapple and Olive with instructions from their partner in crime and stick them to a cabbage. The one with the most number of sticks in less than a minute would be declared the winner. This was entertainment true Spanish style!

The Spanish are known for their extrovert nature and their culture celebrates its very essence in style and grandeur. The best was saved for the last with a ground-breaking performance from Archana Kumar, a distinguished dancer from Bangalore. Matching her steps to the traditional Flamenco style, she mesmerized the audience with her sensuous and soulful performance.

You can catch the performance in the URL below on my official YouTube channel:

Campo Viejo Wines are available soon in stores across Bangalore and are priced at 1500-1600INR depending on the variety chosen. Wishing the very best to team Pernod, Campo Viejo and to Ane and Ankita for a delightful experience and for having me over.

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