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Sriracha, UB City's latest Asian Obcession

Chef Vikas Seth has done it again- He has re-invented his earlier brand and taken it to the next level and very gracefully so. Sriracha stands today where Singkong used to be, not as its successor, but with a complete new identity assigned to it. The menu is so diverse and varied in nature that it is only justified to render it a new identity.

We started with the Som Tam-The signature Green Papaya Salad which Chef demonstrated in person and was definitely something to talk about even after the meal is over. The Chicken and Banana Blossom Salad served in a plantain was not only presentation at its best, but also mesmerize one’s taste buds.

The Wild Mushroom dumplings were up next and they were an absolute delight. The Spiced Broccoli and Celery dumplings were equally as good and the flavours exploded in my mouth.

The Baked Chicken Puff was next and was soon followed by the most popular dish that Sriracha has to offer-The Sushi Boat. An assortment of delightful flavours and ground breaking presentation is the biggest USP for this iconic dish.

The Khow Suey with a Boiled Egg and Coconut creamy curry was served up next and we relished it to the core.

The Mains were served next and I could not help but drool over the Banana Leaf Wrapped Grilled Bhetki along with the very traditional Cantonese Roast Chicken which is another jewel of Sriracha.

No tasting is complete without the Desserts and mention needs to be made of the Sumatra Dark Chocolate Mousse which is pure sin melting in my mouth. The Berry Glazed Three Layered Pastry and the Seasonal Fresh Fruits with Jello were the final sweet endings to our delectable evening. Chef Vikas presented us with his copy of the visionary work behind his two restaurants-Sriracha and Sanchez and a lovely pack of delightful Asian cookies. This was definitely an evening to remember in the company of good food and amazing memories.

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