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Internationally Indigenous @Glocal Junction

Indiranagar 12th Main, the new downtown of Bangalore adds to its list of resto bars yet another hotspot- Glocal Junction. A balanced amalgamation of indigenous food served in a contemporary yet industrial decor, reminds one of a watering hole from the bygone era.

The appeal of Glocal lies in its unique décor where contemporary glass doors give in to rustic interiors with urbanised landscapes and furniture. The cutlery reminds you of the quintessential Toolbox and their crockery made of high grade Aluminium. All in all, it gives a very retro yet urban chic feel with spacious interiors equipped with a very well-stocked bar with high grade glass walls.

I was invited for the special Bloggers Table a couple of weekends ago and was unaware of the type of cuisine served here. It was intriguing to notice that much like the décor, the dishes were Indigenous in nature, but their presentation were highly urbanised and deco-art. Indian dishes served with a twist of International flavours and condiments added to the uniqueness of this place.

We started with the Appetisers and the Mushroom Malai Wasabi Chilli and the LGBT Prawns stole the show. I was a big fan of the latter, not just because of their enormity but also the myriad of flavours that exploded in my mouth. The Churasco Chicken was a close contender with the Disco Anda Pav taking one back to the Tiffin Houses of Mumbai. The all vegetarian Farmer’s Delight Pizza with generous portions of Broccoli and Peppers was the ultimate favourite on any given day. I paired my Seafood with some Smoreass and a very orthodox Black Magic, the latter being a Whiskey based cocktail. The Mirage and Toxic Box are also popular but I decided to stick to the Smoreass owing to its potency.

The Mains were a healthy mix of French and Indian cuisine with the Cottage Cheese Steak and the Tawa Pulao making their appearances. The Moroccan Baked Fish and the Half Roast Bird, a traditional Chicken Roast with Mushroom Sauce was served up next. But it was undoubtedly the very unique Biryani Risotto that took the crown for being the boldest and the tastiest dish of the day. I had almost one and a half portions of the same and still could manage some. Thanks to my better judgement to keep some room for desserts.

The Kolkata Pan Cheese Cake is the signature dessert of Glocal, but I was more biased towards the Firni Crème Brulee. The Baked Filter Kapi is an acquired taste and the Waffle Brownie is a meal by itself.

Glocal Junction is a very popular resto bar in the day and more of a nightclub in the evenings. They have started with their Ladies nights titled What Women Want on Tuesday Nights with Karaoke and Activity Nights where special events like Stand-up Comedy and the likes are showcased on Thursdays, apart from their usual weekend evening DJ nights. The upbeat décor and the very well stocked all-glass bar is definitely going to get one hooked to this venue.

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