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Avanti Italy@ West View Bar & Grill-ITC Sonar, Kolkata

Kolkata, our City of Joy has always been avant-garde in its outlook and fine tastes. When I was invited to the special tasting of the ongoing Italian Food Fiesta at the West View Bar and Grill at one of the most luxurious venues-ITC Sonar, excitement was just not the word.

As I walked through the doors of this niche venue hitherto unexplored in spite of my numerous visits to the property earlier, I was delighted to meet fellow food enthusiasts seated for a taste of this culinary extraordinaire. Avanti Italy, the special festive menu has been simultaneously launched at 5 different venues across the city in association with the Italian Consulate. ITC Sonar boasts of the culinary creations of Chef Vittorio Greco in this regard. Hailing from Tuscany, the land of the perfect skies, Chef brings forth his years of culinary expertise with Michelin Star restaurants around the world. He is presently based out of Ottimo at ITC Chola, Chennai and is regular to Bangalore’s Gardenia as well. His jovial personality along with outstanding creations made our experience entertaining and insightful.

We started our Antipasti with a Sous Vide Chicken Breast with Tuna Sauce and Sesame Seeds Crispy Bread. The combination of the earthy notes of the Tuna and the occasional saltiness of the Capers added to the flavour of this dish.

The Zupa was by far the best I have ever tasted till date. A unique combination of Artichokes along with Dark Chocolate and Gorgonzola made this dish stand out from the rest. Being an ardent fan of Danish Blue Cheese, this was like Ambrosia to me. I happened to mix the chocolate with the texture of the thick creamy base, but when had separately erupt in the mouth like a volcano, emanating a plethora of myriad flavours and notes.

The Lamb Ravioli in Citrus Sauce was our Prima and the succulence of the meat complimented the sweetness of the Orange. The Secondi was the traditional Sea Bass with Capers, Celery and Olives in a White Wine scented broth. The tender texture of the fish and the subtle notes of the White Wine jus added to the specialty of this dish. The Cherry Tomatoes on top rendered the perfect crunchiness to add to the palette.

No Italian meal is complete without a Tiramisu or a Pannacotta. It was the turn of the Tiramisu which retained the essential flavours of Coffee and the crème in this traditional preparation.

This unique Ala Carte fiesta is on till November 27th and is available for dinner only at the West View Bar and Grill, ITC Sonar.

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