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Sanctum Dinner Buffet, A revisit ..Special Influencer's Table Opening Night

It was a few months ago that I reviewed the then-recently introduced Dinner Buffet at CBD’s much coveted- Sanctum Club. I decided to revisit and also host my first ever tasting session titled the Special Influencer’s Table at the same venue followed by the customary Ladies Night on a Wednesday. The consistency and quality of the food as well as the service was extraordinary and I was happy I chose this venue for my very first event.

We started with a variety of 5 Starters including the Thai Basil Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Cheese Croquets, Paneer Tikka with Jaggery Sauce and Stuffed Mushrooms. My personal favourite was the Cheese Croquets as they simply melt in my mouth and the aftertaste was one to relish.

The Mains started with a plate of Chicken and Broccoli and Pepper Salad. The Live Pasta counter had options to choose from the Red or the White Sauce. I decided to go with Penne in Alfredo and Red Sauce, the former with a generous addition of Broccoli. The Vegetable Fried Rice paired well with the Baby Corn in Schezwan gravy. The Black Dal/ Dal Makhani was delectable and went perfectly well with Butter Naan or Plain Tandoori Roti. I loved the Vegetable Makhanwla in signature Sanctum style as well as the Palak Paneer and the Chicken Biryani. It was however the Mutton Roganjosh which takes the crown for being the tastiest and the meat for the right succulence.

We had a plate of fresh fruits for Dessert followed by the popular Black and White Cake and the hot Malai Kheer. I paired my meal throughout with a glass of House White (Myra Cabernet Sauvignon). After our meal, we let our hair down to the thumping tunes and danced our night way till the closing hours. A fun-filled evening with great food and company. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made it, and to the ones who could not- better luck next week.

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