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Orange County, Hampi-An Epitome of Luxury, Statement and unmatched Service

My recent trip to Hampi has opened a lot of new avenues. But none of this would have been possible without the Hospitality Partner-Orange County Resorts. Orange County Resorts are in a league of their own when it comes to ultra-luxurious venues in India, and definitely requires no introduction. After Coorg and Kabini, their third resort is open for just a few months in the Kamalapur area of Hampi. Built in accordance with the grand and pompousness of the historic Vijayanagara Palace, every inch of this surreal property is a dream in design. Spawning over 60 acres and located only 4 Km from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this marvel of modern architecture stands tall as a mark of the 14th Century Vijayanagara Palace.

Be prepared for a virtual tour with me as I take you through the various aspects and stages of this lavish property over the next few weeks. I have taken time to split the content into the following sections as part of my recent travelogue - In the Lap of Luxury:

  • Orange County Hampi-A mystical walk through its hallways: A detailed description of the property with its various architectural marvels. It also details the various categories of accommodations available and their comparative analysis.

  • Orange County Hampi-Service at Par excellence: A Service Review of the property with respect to their Food and Beverage outlets, Spa Services and Touring Guide Assistance provided as part of your stay.

  • Hampi through my eyes: A brief account of the various experiences offered by the property as part of their package to cover the historical importance of Hampi. This is where Hampi and its heritage meets Orange County and their curated experiences.

  • Orange County Hampi, After Dark: A holistic account of how to use your time effectively when evening dawns. This property has a whole new avatar in the dark, and how to make the most of it.

So sit back, and enjoy as I take you through my journey in the coming weeks of this astonishing property, a must for every travel enthusiast.

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