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Comfort Food Binge @ The Bangalore Pantry,Indiranagar

Located at the heart of Indirangar 100 feet road is Bangalore’s latest one stop shop for drama-free comfort food. Aptly titled The Bangalore Pantry, this unique venue is the brainchild of Anirban and Rosh and is less than a week old in the city. This simple yet elegant restaurant features the old-school favourites of Bangalore like Bowring Kulfi and Khara Bun Congress along with other Soul food dishes from around the country.

I felt immediately at home by the warm reception of Anirban and Rosh as we sat down for a tasting session. The Bhejitabil Chop was up first with Hung Curd and Kasundi sauce. The pungent taste of the Kasundi and the sour undertones of the hung curd complimented this traditional Bengali favourite. The Beetroot was well garnished and the ingredients rightly balanced to render its true taste.

It was the Chicken Liver on Toast served next that completely changed my perception. Cooked with Andhra spices, this is unlike anything I have ever tasted before and turned into an instant favourite. Its spicy notes not only give the bland and slightly bitter Chicken Liver a whole new dimension, but is the ultimate game changer. This one is by far the best and I would definitely order it during my next visit.

The Cheese Bread Roll and the Fire toast go well with the flavoured Shikanji. The cheese in the toast is an eclectic mix retaining essential flavours, and is thus unique with its earthy flavours and spicy notes.

The Main course comprised of the Maharashtrian favourite Kheema Ghotala, slow cooked minced lamb in aromatic spices topped with a baked egg and served with Buttered Pav. This intense dish is high on spices and is definitely going to be a crowd favourite. I was able to pair it well with a tall glass of Masala Cola.

My sweet ending was Bangalore’s very own-Bowring Kulfi served with warm salty Caramel and Praline bits. The saltiness of the Caramel is a taste enhancer and adds to this old-school favourite. I relished it thoroughly.

The Bangalore Pantry is located right next to the popular Toit brewpub on the intersection of the CMH Road and the 100 Feet Road in Indirangar and is open throughout the day starting with breakfast. Hop over for a unique experience or simply to satiate your craving for the best of soul food from every nook and corner of the country.

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