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Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet -"Responsible Luxury" themed Buffet Dinner @ Cubbon Pavilio

The thin line between luxury and decadence has been crossed long ago. It is no more a dinner table topic that we are faced with a plethora of endangered species hunted to feed and satisfy our very basic instincts. The marine sea life around the globe has been facing endangerment with quiet desperation and its cry for help is often ignored. As a result of extensive Fishing and Cultivation, many a sea life are bordering the thresholds of extinction whereas others are getting there at a cumulative rate on a daily basis. In order to create awareness, ITC Hotels along with WWF and Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has contributed to their “Choose Wisely” initiative on the occasion of World Oceans Day on June 8, 2016. As part of the #WaveForChange initiative, this not only imparts social responsibility to each and every Seafood lover, but also points out the various species facing extinction in the near future. As part of the Choose Wisely campaign, ITC Gardenia has started colour tagging each and every Seafood dish on their menu. The code guidelines are as follows:

  • Red Dot: Endangered and over-fished. Try and think twice

  • Orange Dot: Under Threat, but not Critical. Be responsible.

  • Green Dot: Available in plenty at the moment, but for how long?

In order to highlight this noble initiative, Cubbon Pavilion hosted a Dinner Buffet spread focusing primarily on Seafood with respective Colour Codes as explained above. The entire spread comprised of a selection of delectable Appetisers, Salads, Mains and Desserts that are signature ITC creations. The seafood dishes were marked to create awareness and is a constant reminder that ITC Hotels believe in Responsible Luxury above everything else.

I was fortunate to be part of this Global initiative for the Dinner buffet spread on June 8. I was greeted by the one and only Vinita, Public Relations, ITC Gardenia who shares the same flare for Seafood that I do as well. But it is time for all of us to step back and think again. How long before one of these dishes become one of the past? And the only place to find them are the pictures in history books of the era gone by. As we savoured the dishes from this unique and thoughtful spread with Casa Chilean Merlot from Lapostolle, we cherished the moment and the occasion.

Among the appetisers available in the Seafood section, the Chivche and the Prawns in Papaya Salsa were the major attractions. The former is a rare fish fillet dish served raw and treated with balsamic vinaigrette and fresh herbs. The Prawn in Papaya Salsa reminded me of a Prawn Cocktail sans the Thousand Island dressing intense in flavour and aroma. The Fresh Oysters adoned the spread like a throne standing tall among the Seafood favourites.

Among the Mains, the Seafood in Red Pepper Sauce and the Alaphy Meen Curry highlighted the dishes under focus. The latter is experienced best with the traditional White Rice and Chinese Chilli Garlic Fried Rice is a good accompaniment with the Seafood in Red Pepper Sauce. However, my vote of distinction geos to the simple and elegant Prawn Pepper Stew. The flavours of this dish were simply mind-blowing and hence was a sure winner for the evening. Among the other noteworthy Mains, the Pork Leg Roast and the Lamb Roast definitely stood out.

One of the major attractions of any ITC Buffet Spread is its Dessert section. This unique assortment not only comprised of the very Indian favourites like the Mysore pak and the Gulab Jamun, but also showcased Continental favourites like Kiwi Cheese Cake and Chocolate Tart. There was a separate Boulangerie section that included International favourites like the Sour Dough. It was a truly delightful evening in the wonderful company of Vinita for the noble cause of Green Oceans, Green Planet initiative embraced and driven by the ITC Group of Hotels.

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