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Daytime Dream @ Nimisserie

There are good restaurants, and there are not so good restaurants. Then there are very good restaurants, and then there is Nimisserie. Such is the definitive repertoire of this brand from Nimish Bhatia, which in less than 6 months has created a niche for itself in the genre of Aspect and Fine Dining. In the words of Nimish himself “When food is a celebration, you are known to push the envelope”. Nimisserie is not only the biggest and best to happen to Bangalore and its culinary scene for a while, but is undoubtedly my venue of choice any given day. So when Nimish himself invited me for a tasting of their newly launched Luncheon Buffet, I was more than thrilled to be part of the exclusive group.

The event was hosted on the first floor and was a very exclusive affair. I was greeted by Sunaina Bajaj whose friendly and cheerful hospitality along with Nimish himself added to the grandeur of the afternoon. We were casually chatting away with our welcome drink in the form of a Virgin Mojito before we sat down for the luxe luncheon.

We started our culinary exploration with a bowl of Tomato Shorba. Its presentation so simple, yet elegant and taste so authentic that it sets the right pace for the forthcoming delicacies. The appetisers included a delicious Mango Crepe, Grilled Basa, Chicken Kabab, Grilled Gobi and a unique Daal Chat. The latter is something I tasted for the first time. I have had versions of it in Kolkata at home, but the way this was prepared was unique. I craved for some more and helped myself to another plateful.

We progressed to the Buffet spread which were tastefully spread across the table. Lining the dishes were separate sections with Salads and various Indian Crisps and their accompanying sauces. I helped myself to a plateful of Salads post the appetisers including the Cucumber Sushi and the Kucchumar. Among the Vegetarian Mains, the Mango Tomato Paneer Curry was the most myriad in flavour and taste. Its tangy yet sweet texture went equally well with the signature Bacon Kulcha or just plain Roti. The Baigan Bharta with Pakodi was another Vegetarian dish that made me crave for more. I had a generous portion of the Vegetable Semiya Biryani with Green Dumplings to go with the Non Vegetarian dishes namely Chicken Masala and Mutton Afghani.

The dessert section was elaborate and featured the popular Middle Eastern Dessert Umali. This is a bread pudding infused with Baklava and a hint of Cinnamon. This specialty is unique to Nimisserie and is not made anywhere in Bangalore. I also had a generous portion of the Kiwi Mousse and the delicious and very original Carrot Cake. Its thoughtful presentation and careful selection of dishes highlight the very essence of the venue. This Executive Lunch Buffet forms the perfect curtain raiser to Nimisserie’s authentic offering. This daytime dream is priced at INR 650++ and is available Monday through Thursday 1200-1500 hours.

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