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The Health Foods menu, Smoke House Deli

The new Healthy Menu @Smoke House Deli is not just one that thrives on nutritional value, but also scores high with their unique taste and retention of essential flavor and aroma. The Chef's Table organized by the jovial Sridevi Rao with the presence of none other than Priya Bala herself was a memorable event for me to attend. The welcome Bubbles from Fratelli prepared us for the gastronomic journey that was to follow. The generous pour of Sauvignon Blanc, Classic Shiraz and Merlot from Fratteli Wines added to the palate. The course started with a simple yet exquisite Spinach and Millet Soup which made even a hardcore carnivore like me craving for more. However, the Seafood Broth and Paleo Coconut Soup was to follow and the after taste reminded me of my liking for anything and everything Thai.The hidden ingredient was probably Lemongrass which I forgot to confirm with the chef. His charming presence made our afternoon very pleasant and the understanding of the healthy aspect to the whole menu more meaningful. He confidently mentioned and I quote "Quinoa is not the only healthy option. We can substitute so many of the ingredients to make the menu healthier."

Getting back to the Healthy Sandwich, the Soya Marinated Tofu and Spinach Sandwich provide the right option for someone favoring a Low Glycemic one. I apologize for being so gluttonous about this sandwich that it failed to feature in my pictures.The reason, I ate it before even thinking of shooting it. The Super Salads consisted of the quintessential Bean Sprouts and the Quinoa with flakes of Brown Rice adding to the food value which essentially has been a signature dish for Smoke House. The Chicken Salad soaked in the beneficial bacteria Kefir served with Organic Red and Brown Rice followed.The Apricot and Chilly dressing added that extra tanginess to the salad and made it taste very Vietnamese.

Gluten Free Pasta...OMG! Now that is the new In-Thing. Who can complain about the Gnocchi made from the very West Indian Jowar served with Mushroom Fricasse? The Grilled Vegetable Ravioli with Coconut and Soya Milk is a special delight to all Vegans. The Risottos arrived in two varieties-with White Mushroom and Arugula for the vegetarians and the Chicken and Tomato with Pok Choy.

The Mains were equally eponymous and bore grandeur and elegance in their plating especially. The Chilly Sago with Vegetables and the Pan Seared Rawas with Soya milk and Bhavnagiri Sauce were the first to make an appearance. However I would expect to spice up the latter with hint of Tabasco just to taste the Rawas steak better. The winner of the evening was undoubtedly the Ras El Hanout which is a Middle Eastern preparation of Grilled Chicken with spicy Brown Rice. Once again, gluttonous me ate more than shooting the dish. Was not a miss this time though! We ended our course with a delectable Cacao Non and Soya Milk Cheese Cake with a Nachini Crust and a Banana Flour Cake to bring this extraordinary afternoon of pure decadence. Who says healthy food can not be sinfully tasty ? Try it for yourself every day Lunch and Dinner at Smoke House Deli. This one's here to linger in my tongue for a long time to come. Oh and those celebratory shots of Whiskey and something undisclosed left us craving for more! A wholesome healthy afternoon of absolute binge indeed.

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