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Probiotics-Healthy Step to a Better Gut

Last week in Bangalore, DuPont Nutrition & Health organised a blogger’s meet with the most eminent lifestyle and health bloggers in the city to showcase the importance of Probiotics in daily diet. HOWARU premium Probiotics are proven to keep the digestive system running smoothly contributing to overall health and immunity. They partner with universities and research institutes to establish scientific connection between their product and health benefit including original research on humans in the field.

Probiotics, as we know are good bacteria present in our digestive system. Foods like yoghurt and soya are natural sources of probiotics; however their consumption alone might not satisfy the need of the human gut to better its state. The introduction of dietary supplements containing Probiotics can address the deficiency of the bacteria in the body leading to better health.

The event was held at Chancery pavilion and started with am welcome address by Reena Choudhury, Communications Specialist, South Asia, DuPont Nutrition &Health followed by a presentation by Prateek Nag, Regional Product Manager showcasing the importance of Probiotics in everyday diet. This was followed by Dr. Anders Henriksson’s presentation on the science and benefits of Probiotics throwing light upon its functionality in our diet. Dr. Kiran Punjabi, Sales Manager-Dietary Supplements, South Asia was up next with his presentation on popular perception of Probiotics. The final speaker of the event was Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Clinical Nutritionist and HOD-Dept. of Nutrition and Dietetics who spoke about Probiotics on food and medicine. This was followed by a Q&A Session from the audience and a quick quiz for the participants with chocolate bars for every correct answer. The event wrapped up with a networking session over lunch served at the venue.

The session was insightful and impacting as all of us need to inculcate a healthy digestive system with lifestyle choices we embrace. It is extremely important to allow the good bacteria in our gut to develop in order to sustain better health leading to improved immunity. Probiotic supplements and food should be introduced in everybody’s diet for overall health benefits.

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