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Hail Hemp with Satliva

Hemp Oil has many a cosmetic and therapeutic use. Here in Bangalore, Satliva based out of HSR Layout manufactures a wide variety of cosmetic products using Hemp Oil as its primary ingredient. I was chosen to try out the benefits of this unique range of products as well as witness live extraction from seeds imported from Uttaranchal to the state.

The main ingredient being Hemp Oil, let us start with the Face and Body Oil priced at INR 1299. This unique oil can be used as a hydrant for your skin. Your skin will stay hydrated for anytime between 3-6 hours depending on the type. However make sure that only a very small quantity is used (ideally 0.5ml-1ml) just so your skin do not appear overtly oily.

In the Bath range, I tried out a Handmade Body Soap (INR 379) which left my skin moisturized and feeling rejuvenated. However the strong unconventional smell takes a little bit getting used to. I also used a Handmade Shampoo Bar (INR 379) and although I did require conditioning my hair the day after, it did meet expectations of a standard shampoo with moisturizing benefits for the scalp.

The Cocoa Bliss Body Butter priced at INR 610 is a good substitute to the various products available in the market for the fact that they are natural and contain very less chemicals in it. However it is important to use it sparingly as too much can make your skin appear oily and shiny.

The Red Raspberry Face Cream, priced at INR 1250 is a good moisturizer that I used for overnight moisture retention and achieved expected results. Although the smell can be a little intimidating, this is definitely a product that should be worn indoors as exposure to the sun can make your skin look shiny and undesirable.

The Argan Rosemary Hair Cream (INR 610) is probably the most popular and effective from the range tried and would definitely be my choice for constant usage. It provides a matte effect when used sparingly and a small drab is enough for Norma length hair for men.

Last but not the least is the Orange Lip Balm, priced at INR 245 which infuses Cocoa Butter and Bees Wax to achieve hydration and moisturizing properties good enough to last over 8 hours. Once applied, this can be worn throughout the day to combat dry and choppy lips.

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