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Mainland China-The Name says it All

Mainland China needs no introduction to the genre of Chinese cuisine in India, especially to Bengalis where they opened their second outlet more than a couple of decades ago in Kolkata. Since then, a lot of time has passed and the brand opened its outlets pan-India including Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Bengaluru has 6 outlets to its credit, and I visited the Church Sreet outlet earlier today which also happens to be their first in the city. And boy oh boy! The Food, Service and Ambience still speaks for itself.

I started with the Mocktail titled Mint Storm to go with my Peppery Lemon Soup which was a clear soup with shredded chicken. The Appetisers comprised of Chicken Thai Style and Corn and Water Chestnuts Dumpling. The XO Sauce is an added refinement to the palette especially with these servings.

It was the Pan-Fried Sea Bass which took my breath away and largely contributed to the near-perfect rating. It was full of flavour and cooked to perfection. I was beyond words and over indulged in it, so much so that the Hunan Prawns and Chilli Teriyaki Chicken thereafter could not impress me as much. They were both great dishes, just not as much as their predecessor. The Oriental Crispy Lamb was another dish cooked to perfection with ethereal flavours.

In the Vegetarian section, the Lotus Stem Black Pepper Fry and the Dynamite Tofu were delectable, but then again the Sea bass was on my mind eventually.

My Mains started with a generous portion of Chicken in Smoked Chilli Sauce and Fish in Cilantro Sauce served with Ginger and Capsicum Fried Rice, the latter being quite popular with the Indian palette. The Roast Duck meat with Greens and Garlic was a fabulous dish which goes well with the international palette owing to its mild spicy notes. This was also my special order for the evening and was a delight to have with the Japanese Wheat Noodles, a healthy carb to go with.

I am not going to miss desserts at any cost and this evening was no exception. It was the turn of the Chocolate Dome which ruled by taste bud. Last but never the least, it left a lasting impression to my soul drowned in the pure bliss of chocolate and the memory of the deconstruction of the dome once hot chocolate was poured over this divine melange. This was a Monday when its blues were simply overcome with the pursuit of ethereal gastronomy courtesy Speciality Restaurants, the chain that Mainland China belongs to.

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