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Eat Your Heart Out @Café Felix, 1 MG

A regular evening shopping trip to our friendly neighbourhood mall paved its way to the recently opened all-day-dining breakfast and comfort food café @1 MG-Café Felix. Been in my mind for a while, I have only heard positive reviews about this place, and very rightfully so.

We were greeted warmly by the attentive staff and was soon suggested a few dishes before placing the more serious orders. So we decided to shake things up with a few Mocktails (keeping in mind, Alcohol is presently not served owing to the wonderful Highway Controversy). It was the turn of the Jalapeno and Lime, Kiwi and Mint and Melon and Strawberry to compete amongst one another, but the spiciest drink always wins and hence the Jalapeno Cooler receives my seal of distinction.

On the Entrée front, we decided to try the very popular Prawn and Raw Mango Salad and Nicoise Salad. The latter cured perfectly with condiments and served with crunchy beans and an abundance of Olives is definitely something to die for. But it would be detrimental to leave Cafe Felix without trying their Avocado Toast, a modern day classic with fresh feta on top over a layer of fresh mole on sour dough bread.

Chef Ritwik dropped by and suggested we try the Spicy Korean Spiced Coimbatore Pork Ribs with Potato Salad, an ethereal creation to start with. I could not get enough of the heavenly seasoning and the succulence of the meat elevated the overall experience. It was however the Pan Roasted Fish, Chimichurri and Cherry Tomato Stew which made the bong in me smile ear to ear. The tanginess of the stew and the crunchiness of the Seabass worked perfectly for me.

The Carnivore in me would not be satisfied without some good old steak and hence the Tenderloin Medallions with Mashed Potatoes in Pepper Sauce was our ultimate guilty pleasure. Nothing beats a Medium-Rare on a breezy weeknight and the juicy meat was an absolute delight.

There is always room for desserts and the perfect Trio de Café Felix lived way beyond expectations. The Passion Fruit Crème Brulee, Cookie Dough Skillet and the Blueberry Almond Bread Pudding formed the sweet endings to our delectable trip. I am always biased towards the Brulee and it definitely takes the crown, although the Pudding draws pretty close in the race. It is the Cookie Dough that exceeded all our expectations. Served on a hot plate, this freshly-baked cookie with Nutella Sauce and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is as sinful as it can get.

It was way past closing hours and as we left the café, I was only filled with gratitude that I dropped by, knowing Café Felix tops my list of venues to visit for simple comfort food and an all-day- breakfast menu.

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