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Bootlegger, Indiranagar-your friendly neighbourhood watering hole

Bootlegger opened their second outlet in Indiranagar a couple of weeks ago. I had received a last minute invitation to a Blogger’s table in there. The outlook of the Indiranagar outlet is quite industrial and rustic-chic keeping up with the theme but has three floors to its credit. We were seated on the ground level and close to the bar, where a separate session on Mixology was conducted before the Mains were served.

I started with the Crème Brulee, but decided to stick to my favourite Sazarec for the rest of the evening. The Appetisers were served with Chilli Paneer and Barbeque Wings doing the first rounds. This was followed by the Stuffed Mushrooms and Jalapeno Cheese Bites. The crispy Chicken Strips and the Bacon Wrapped Prawns were the final dishes to be served, and I thought the latter was a bit overdone. The rest of the dishes were delectable, except that the sauce used for the Barbeque Chicken Wings was a tad too sweet and lacked smoky flavour, reminiscent of traditional American servings.

The Chicken with Sundried Tomato and the Pepperoni Pizza were worthy of mention with the latter taking the crown for the best dish served for the evening. The cheese was fresh and the base just right to keep up with the topping.

Post the Mixology session, we moved over to Mains and I decided to stick to an All American Hamburger. I was quite impressed with the succulence of the patty. I am not a fan of raw onions within my burger and had to do without them, but can understand the general Indian craving for the same. I did taste a bite from my friend of the Bootlegger Chicken Steak and it was quite impressive as well. Last but definitely not the least, the Bacardi Spiked Truffle Cake was the ultimate guilty pleasure to wrap the evening up. I would definitely go back to have a taste of their famous Negroni and some of the dishes which I missed tasting tonight. The pricing here is very reasonable and the ambience quite friendly and earthy. Bootlegger is definitely Indiranagar’s next friendly neighbourhood watering hole in the making.

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