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Sattvik Bhojan @ Masala Klub, Taj Westend

Masala Klub at the Taj West End is another one of Bangalore’s best kept secrets. It holds a niche position in the realm of Indian Fine Dining. On occasion of Navratri, they are hosting a Sattvik Bhojan inspired by the temple food of Varanasi and served at one of their finest properties-Taj Nadesar Palace.

Chef Megnath Saha, who has been trained by the royal chefs of the Kashi Naresh, otherwise known as the Royalty of the holy city of Varanasi recreates this unique blend of pious and purity of body and soul with ingredients which are 100% organic in nature. Prepared without the influence of Onion and Garlic, Sattvik food is considered to enhance the holistic development of the body, mind and the soul.

The food is lip-smacking delicious and the cooking medium is pure desi Ghee. The ingredients being organic and freshly produced and hand-picked add to the authenticity of the cuisine. We started with a glass each of Banarasi Thandai and Lime Juice. The Appetizers followed in the form of the super-delicious Sev Papdi Chat and Ram Nagar Ki Khasta Kachori. The Chat was simply out of this world and called for a second serving.

The Mains were served in a silver Thali with designated compartments and the dishes were laid out from the right to the left in preferred order of consumption. The Hing Jeerey Ki Tadkey Wali Dal is the perfect staple for most Indian palette and is enjoyed best with the Gobi Matar Ki Tahari served at the centre of the exquisite Silver plate. The Baigan Kalounji or Marinated Aubergine was by far the best dish of the evening and called for a second serving. The Dum Aloo Benarasi is a personal favourite enjoyed best with Benarasi Kachori or plain Puri. The Chaunka Matar is a dry dish comprising of Green Peas with Cumin and Asafoetida to add a bit of tangy flavour and was a good palette cleanser. The Saag Panita and the Nenua Chana-Sponge Gourd with black gram dumplings formed the right accompaniment with the Tawa Tikoni Paratha. The Bitter Gourd has never featured high in my list of eats and was stuffed with mashed potatoes and pickled spices.

The Desserts were a total knockout with the Kala Jamun and the Moong Dal Halwa. The Halwa was extraordinary and the chef also served us Orange Barfi and Malai Galori. I was stuffed to the core and felt relaxed and a tad sleepy. The Sattvik food had started to work its magic and it was time for some good old Masala Chai in Kullad to energise my senses. This special set-menu is available for Lunch and Dinner till October 12th which also marks the end of the Navaratri celebrations.

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