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G77 Café, The new buzz in town

Located right at the heart of Indiranagar 100 Feet Road, a stone’s throw away from Tailorman is Bangalore’s latest hotspot-G77 Cafe. Owned by the MRG group, this strategically located new lounge bar in town puts the class back into Indiranagar where new bars open every second week. What makes G77 different are their themed décor, chic interiors and their well-trained staff.

I was invited to review the venue by Neeraj Sharma, Head of Operations. Neel Sharma, my dear friend handles Sales for South India and I was delighted to meet him. We started with a glass of White Wine and Cosmopolitan respectively. I decided to stick to Mangalorean Cuisine as G77 offers a wide variety of food ranging from Coastal to European.

The Prawn Ghee Roast was not only a delight to the eyes but equally intriguing to taste. I have always been curious about the unique taste of Mangalorean cuisines and its secret ingredient. Upon checking with Gaurav Shetty, the owner of Goldfinch Hotels, I was informed about the special Red Chilli grown in the region responsible for that essential zing.

The Anjal Fish Fry was up next and I reduced it to only essential bones in no time. After all, I am a Bengali. I was able to pair the Chef’s Special Skull Cocktail, A mix of smoky Whiskey, Lime and Mango Cordial quite successfully with the sharp and semi-spicy notes of the Fish Fry.

The Mutton Pepper Fry followed and is by far the spiciest of all the dishes and I got addicted to it in no time. I was enjoying the crunchiness of the Curry leaves and the garnishing with essential spices spread over succulent pieces of Mutton. The final dish of the evening was the C3 Balls made from the 3 Cs- Cheese, Chilli and Corn. This dish is served with a Red Pepper Mayonnaise to add to its flavour. After a few rounds of photo sessions, it was time to bid adieu to my friend Neel. The pricing is extremely attractive and the quality of food and service provided by is exceptional. G77 takes its food and beverage very seriously and is undoubtedly the next best thing in downtown Indiranagar.

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