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Borem Goa @ Splitwood, Big Pitcher

Being part of the Borem Goa Festival, an all Goan Culinary Extraordinaire at Splitwood, Big Pitcher was a unique opportunity. Available only for dinner between June 15th through 30th, authentic Goan delicacies are served in a Buffet spread as part of this food fest.

I started my meal with the Goan Tossed Salad and the Dry Shrimp Kishmur as part of the Salad bar and then poured myself some Caldo do Casamento, a traditional Goan Home-made soup. The flavours were delicious and delectable.

I tried the Pork Sausages, Chicken Cafreal and Prawn Stuffed Papa along with some Paneer Cafreal and Veg Stuffed Papa as their vegetarian counterparts. I paired it with a Kokum flavoured Beer and it was just the perfect accompaniment with the spicy and traditional Goan flavours.

The Grilled Mackerel served up front by Chef Ashok was the dish of the night with the right marination and its strong and vibrant flavours simply melt in my mouth.

I started my mains with some traditional Goan Red rice paired with Prawn Curry and Mutton Vindaloo along with some Cabbage Foogath. The latter is a rarity from Goa and was cooked to perfection. I am a big fan of Vindaloo and its sweet and sour mix of flavours always make me happy. I also enjoyed the Seafood Pulao and the Pumpkin Mergol as part of the extended Mains platter.

In the Dessert section, the Bebinca and the Goan Crème Caramel delighted me. The Alle Belle, Dodol and the Mangane were sinful and I indulged in them some more with a second serving. The spread was thoughtful and well executed and full of flavours that Goan dishes are known for. A truly delightful experience. The Borem Goa Festival is on at Splitwood till June 30th only for Dinner at an affordable price of Rs.1149++.

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