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A Summer Songkran Soiree @ Sake, Zuri

When you enter Sake, the Asian Fine Dining restaurant located at the rooftop of the Zuri Hotels, Whitefield you are immersed in the surreality of its plush and ethnic interiors set up like a far eastern sitting room. The décor and its low seats along with the contemporary lanterns reflect the mood of the venue, set far away in an exotic Asian location. The skyline of Bangalore is visible from either sides and adds up to the urbane impression. Add to that great service and a perfect menu with authentic taste and unique plunge of Asian flavours, makes the complete dining experience more immersive and enthralling to say the least.

I was attending the Songkran Festival ongoing at Sake from 15th through the 24th April 2016 as a special tribute to the Thai New Year festivities. The menu reflects the specialities of authentic and delectable Thai dishes served in the most contemporary fashion that Zuri is known for. Detail to presentation and adherence to the basic flavours of the orient is the prerogative of a true food enthusiast. I was more than satisfied to say the least.

I was greeted at the reception by none other than Vineet Nair who looks after F&B. Vineet and Angela Shaw, Head-PR and Marketing took great care of us making sure that all our needs were addressed seamlessly. My heartfelt thanks to both of them. Let’s start with the progressive dinner menu, shall we?

I started my evening as usual with a chilled glass of Fratelli Chardonnay that pairs just right with the strong and unique aromas of Thai cuisine. We were served A clear soup with seasoned vegetables and glass noodles and the classic Tom Kha Gal which is the quintessential Thai Coconut Milk soup with Succulent and tender Chicken. The taste was not only authentic, but its aromatic flavours infused with the best of herbs and galangal used in just the right proportion added to its uniqueness.

We started engaging in our specially crafted Salads in the form of a classic spicy Glass Noodles Vegetables and pag phad bai gaparow which comprised primarily of crunchy vegetables and Asparagus. The Non vegetarian salads were a breakthrough, especially the Tenderloin in Oyster Sauce and the Chicken Salad with Mint leaves. The Tenderloin was undoubtedly the Dish of the Night with its unique blend of tanginess and Sriracha (Thai Sweet Chilly). Cooked to perfection, the tenderness of the meat made me crave for more, but the excruciating heat of Bangalore made me restrict my beef intake to minimal.

The Appetizers followed next in the form of Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls and Grilled Mushrooms marinated. Their Non Vegetarian counterparts comprised of Crispy Lamb in Chilli Sauce and Stir-Fried Chicken in Sweet Chilli Paste. I favoured the Lamb and found its crunchiness inviting and over indulged in it a bit too much.

The Mains were up next. We were served a traditional Kaeang Phanaeng which is Thai style Phanaeng curry with Peanuts and Cumin with Steamed Rice. The flavour is so traditional that even someone without any exposure to Thai cuisine would immediately become its biggest fan. The authentic Prawn in Thai Green Curry and Chicken in Red Curry followed and we embellished in its true Asian flavours. Personally having a special weakness for Thai food, I enjoyed every bite of my meal and found every dish crafted with utmost perfection and authenticity.

I had over eaten, but still tried a couple of spoonful of the Dessert which was Cubes of Water Chestnut immersed in chilled Coconut Milk traditionally known as Tab Tim Krob. This was the first time I tasted this dish, and found it to be extremely flavoursome and ethereally delicate to my sweet tooth.

We ate into the deep hours of early morning and my heartfelt thanks to the entire staff for bearing with the late hours. It was almost 2 am in the morning, and I was happy I travelled to Whitefield to experience this unique opportunity to be part of the exclusive tasting for the Songkran festival. The event is on till the 24th April, and items are priced individually, open only for dinner. A very wholesome and delectable experience in Asian gastronomy. Thanks again to Angela for this opportunity.

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